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About the Founders

Co-founder, Monica, always believed in creating things like it mattered immensely, and it ultimately did. Her passion to induce creativity in even mundane tasks, often adds life to all she touches. Apart from being a poetry & music lover, restaurateur, homemaker and mother, Monica has been a part of her family business of printing & machinery for the past decade. However, her inclination towards the art & creative expressions has always nudged her heart to start something of her own.

The idea for The Hamper Story was conceived when she realised how creating hampers full of personalised assortments, not only earned her appreciation from loved ones but also satiated her drive to create something tangible that people could hold and feel the love wrapped within. And thus on one fine summer morning in 2020, she teamed up with her decade-old friend, Sonal to make hampers commercially. And since then she has been relishing the process of making luxuriously tailor-made hampers for her clients. Because now the more the hampers she gives away, the more blessings she receives.

Co-founder, Sonal, believes that there’s always a way to tell a story through your work. Be it photography or fashion designing, she has followed her heart and lived up to this adage. Her knack for connecting the dots and creating the big picture doesn’t deviate her from keeping an eye on details. As a gesture of love, she used to help people tell a story through their personalised gifts for someone special. That’s when she realised that she can apply this ideology even in creating a gift hamper. In no time, she joined hands with Monica, her friend for a decade, and The Hamper Story was born, as we know it.

As their brainchild, The Hamper Story is a platform where she uses her creative prowess and channels all the efforts in making the client and his giftee the happiest. Being a people’s person, she ensures that the best skills of the firm are applied in understanding, analysing, handpicking and presenting the hamper, as per the preference of the client. Delighting the giftee and offering value for money to the gifter are the only norms they adhere to. Everything is done via the heart.

Ekta Goel, strives for a sense of fulfilment in all she does. As an extrovert, she loves meeting new people and forging long-standing relationships with diverse individuals. Having moved to Singapore over a decade back, Ekta was involved in growing her family business alongside her husband until she gave birth to their first child. Two beautiful children later, Ekta wanted another challenge but the family business just did not excite her anymore.

With her business-acumen overlapping with her desire to make moments special for her loved ones, Ekta decided to work alongside Monica and Sonal - friends who became her family in Singapore. Hamper story is an avenue for Ekta to help others celebrate life’s special moments through their work. At Hamper Story, everyday is a new day, with a new challenge; giving Ekta the sense of fulfillment she sought while working with her closest friends.

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